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(Preparation fees on Federal Return as low as “FREE” depending on type of form filed and amount of data included.)

NEW for 2013 filings we are now using NEW TAX SOFTWARE!  Easier input and on line help.  Multi-State returns available this year as well.

Do your own individual income tax return online the easy way, from simple returns to more sophisticated and complex returns. The artificial intelligence built in lets you answer questions and fill in the blanks. The more involved return you have, the more questions are asked to insure an accurate filing.

DON’T give IRS money they are not owed. Accuracy of computation is guaranteed! All this for as low as $0.00 for Federal return (with FREE electronic filing). IRS (and applicable State) compliant income tax return prep with electronic filing fees included. Processing speeds that are lightning quick and turbo fast. You can even have your prep fee deducted directly from your income tax refund (no credit card needed). READY TO USE AROUND January 31, 2014!

Use the “QUICK REVIEW” selection to monitor your input status. This should greatly enhance your check out process to insure completed input data. The ‘Ask a Professional’ button does not exist this year since on line help is directly available within the program.  Any processing issues not resolved within the program should be emailed to “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”

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Electronic filing will begin on or about January 31, 2014 per IRS estimated DELAYED START DATE.  (Some forms may not be available until later dates!)